Hi, I’m Marie-Jo, thanks for visiting.

Like most people, I belong to a tribe, ie. people who share my general world view. My tribe comprises most of my friends, social media connections, family and colleagues.

But recently, I have been bothered by four tendencies I’ve noticed in my tribe:

1- Though I agree with most of my tribe’s opinions, I disagree with the reasoning behind these positions. We agree, but not for the same reasons.

2 – I often disagree with my tribe about the strategies that should be employed to reach our common goals.

These may seem like trifling nuances, but they matter because if our arguments are faulty, then the whole position may be misrepresented or discredited. This defeats our purposes.

And so, every day I see members of my tribe express things in these ways that hurt our common goals. Every day I want to say something but I mostly hold my tongue, because:

3 – Purity of opinion is overvalued: expressing any doubt in the tribe’s position or reasoning sometimes leads to personal attacks.

4 – Nuance has disappeared from the discourse, even within a tribe.

I believe our positions are not weakened by questioning and debate, but ultimately strengthened. So, this little project is borne out of a desire to examine some widely-held opinions on all sides, not to attack them, but perhaps make them stronger through examination.

One last thing. I delayed starting this for a while, because I felt that before putting something up, especially something controversial, I needed to extensively research the topic, lest I be proven wrong. But I’m not a philosopher, a political scientist or reporter. I’m an average-informed citizen with questions I wish to ponder with fellow citizens. With that in mind, if I’m missing information and am shown to be wrong, I’ll have to say “you’re right”, change my thinking and go to bed smarter. Which is kind of the whole point of this project.

MJ Leroux

PS – I think the other tribes are just as bad at debate and examination as mine is. So no matter what tribe you’re in, hopefully some of this will be useful to you.